Best Soundbar For x950g – Top Picks & Guide

best soundbar for x950g

Choosing the best soundbar for x950g can be a challenging task. But don’t worry we have listed below the top rated soundbars for x950g after extensive research. So you can select the best soundbar for x950g very quickly from our top 7 list of soundbars below.

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However, like everything in life, not all soundbars are recommended . Some are very good value for money and others are not worth it. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a soundbar for your television, to listen to music or to mount a home cinema in your living room, it is better that research well so as not to waste your money.

After having tried more than 50 different models , in this buying guide we are going to tell you what you should look for before buying a soundbar for x950g and which are the ones with the best value for money today.

The first thing we are going to show you is a comparison table in which you can see which are the best soundbars for x950g  with their main features. After the table, you will see a detailed analysis of each model, telling you why we chose them and what their pros and cons are.

Table main

If you still haven’t made up your mind and don’t know which soundbar to buy, don’t worry because we’ve analyzed these 7 soundbars for you below to tell you what our impressions have been after having tried them for a couple of days.

Top 7 Best Soundbars For x950g To Buy


1. Bose Soundbar 700 – Best Soundbar For x950g

“For those looking for a premium soundbar with absolute quality and that can also expand it over time.”

best soundbar for x950g

The Bose Soundbar 700 is a high-end soundbar with a really sleek and minimalist design . With a length of 97 cm, we can say that it is a large bar, so aesthetically it is more appropriate for televisions that are also large.

Its sound is really spectacular. If you like to notice all the nuances and have a great level of audio detail , this is without a doubt your soundbar. The bar is able to recognize our room and adapt to it to generate an enveloping sound that allows us to feel that we are totally in the middle of the action .

Although it comes without a subwoofer, the soundbar is already capable of generating very powerful bass on its own , so for a standard use of watching movies and series, you will not miss it.

However, for the most demanding, the equipment is expandable, being able to buy separately the Bose Bass Module 700 subwoofer , a complement that will allow you to listen to music at high volumes with great power.

You can also buy 2 auxiliary speakers, the Bose Surround Speakers , to complete your 5.1 equipment and thus have a home cinema of a quality that is difficult to beat. However, we repeat that only the bar provides incredible quality without the need for anything else, for 90% of users.

As for connectivity, we have bluetooth, wifi, HDMI ARC, optical and micro usb input.  And we can handle it from the Bose Music application, where it also allows us to equalize it to adapt the sound to our liking, or from the remote, which can also function as a master remote for television.

It is true that the Bose Soundbar 700 is not a cheap soundbar, and that there are cheaper options on the market that also give us very good performance, but of course it is a fully recommended product for those who can afford it.

  • Sublime audio quality
  • Great quality in design and construction
  • Surround sound full of nuances and details
  • Possibility of expanding to convert into 5.1 equipment
  • Somewhat high price

2. Yamaha YAS-207 – Good Soundbar For x950g

“With an interesting value for money, for many the best mid-range soundbar.”

Good soundbar for x950g

Voted by many as the best mid-range soundbar , this Yamaha YAS-207 has quite an attractive modern design . It is 93 cm long, suitable for televisions starting at 40 inches.

It is a 2.1 equipment with a subwoofer that provides a very decent bass sound . As for dimensions, it is quite high but, as it is not very wide, you can place it quietly in any corner. Its hearing quality is, without being comparable to the high-end, very good . By activating surround sound, we notice a full- bodied audio that, although it is not a total immersive experience, will make us enjoy our movies and series much more.

It also has a function called “clear voice” to make dialogs sound clearer. In our opinion, it is not something that is worth much, and we have had a hard time finding differences between this mode and the normal mode. In any case, in itself this bar already reproduces clear dialogue that will make you not miss any interesting conversation.

With its 200 watts, we will have more than enough power for any average home, and we can also use it to listen to music at high volumes .

In terms of connectivity, it has market standards, such as bluetooth, HDMI ARC, optical connection and usb port . We can handle it with the remote control that it incorporates or with the app, which is quite simple and does not offer too many options.

  • For many the best mid-range
  • Good potency 
  • Clear voice mode is not worth it

3. Sony HTSF200 – Budget Soundbar For x950g  

“A small and compact soundbar, ideal for those who want to save space.”

best soundbar for x950g

With a length of just 58 cm and a subwoofer built into the bar itself, the Sony HTSF200 is ideal for placing in small living rooms, bedrooms, with not very large televisions, etc. In short, the ideal option for those looking to save space.

It is a 2.1 team with the particularity that the subwoofer is integrated into the sound bar itself, with the space savings that this entails. In this sense, it is surprising that in such a small bar we can get some pretty decent bass.

The device offers virtual surround technology . This, as we discussed earlier, consists of emitting sound waves in different directions, with the aim that they bounce off the walls of your room and reach your ears from everywhere, thus creating the sensation of immersive experience in the style of the Home Cinema 5.1.

It is true that, although it is announced like this, in practice we cannot talk about this product generating an immersive experience as such, but we also have to understand that, due to price, and due to the reduced space, these are not its pretensions either.

From Zona de Música, we see it more as a device for practical people who want to save space and improve the sound of their television.

In terms of power, it has 80 watts, which will be enough for not very large rooms , but for the most demanding and in large rooms, it could be somewhat fair, especially when using it with a bluetooth connection.

It has the usual connections, which are: bluetooth, hdmi arc and optical cable . In addition to a usb port to listen to our music.

  • Small and compact, takes up little space
  • Good price
  • For large rooms it could be just power

4. Bose 500 – Affordable Soundbar For x950g  

“A soundbar very close to the high-end but with a more moderate price.”

best soundbar for x950g

The Bose 500 is a soundbar with a modern, discreet and elegant design of approximately 80 cm in length.

It is a 3.0 team that, like its older sister the Bose Soundbar 700 , is expandable by purchasing the Bose Soundbar 700 as well as the speakers ( surround speakers ). However, only the bar already offers a really good sound that is not very far in terms of quality from the high range and yet it is much cheaper.

It has technology that calibrates the environment to send the sound waves to different parts, which bounce off the walls to simulate the surround sound home cinema experience . In this case, this product does generate this feeling, perhaps not at the level of a full 5.1 home theatre.

Although the manufacturer does not specify the watts that the device has, we can say that it has great power, both to enjoy your favourite movies and series, and to be the main stereo in your home .

It has bluetooth connections , wifi, HDMI ARC, optical cable and usb port . It comes with a remote control, although we can also control it through the Bose Music application .

In short, it is a very interesting product to consider if it falls within your budget.

  • High-end audio quality at a lower price
  • Surround experience
  • Does not include external subwoofer

5. LG SJ2 – Cheap Soundbar For x950g

“An inexpensive sound bar for those who want to improve the sound of their television.”

best soundbar for x950g

With its compact dimensions of just 66 cm in length, the LG SJ2 is perfect for televisions of all sizes, large and small. 

It comes with a subwoofer to mount a 2.1 team. that offers us an acceptable sound quality. This sound bar will not offer us a sublime listening experience, but if what you are looking for is simply to improve the sound of your television while investing little money , this product is the perfect fit.

You will be able to hear dialogue better without having to turn up the volume and then turn it down in action scenes.

Regarding power, how much 160 watts is more than enough for those who live in neighborhoods.

If you live in a country house with few neighbors or you like to listen to music at high volumes, perhaps in that case you would need more power. But for all the other cases, we will be left over.

As for connectivity, we can connect it to television by bluetooth or optical cable, in addition to having a usb port. One detail to keep in mind is that the optical cable does not include it, so you will have to buy it separately.

We would have been grateful if it had been standard, because although an optical cable can barely be worth 5 dollars, it is still a nuisance to have to expressly worry about buying it.

If we connect it with an optical cable, we will handle it with the TV remote itself, although the sound bar also includes its remote.

  • Very economical
  • Correct performance for its price
  • Due to its size, it is suitable for any type of television or room
  • The sound is not comparable to higher models

6. Sony HT-S350 – Recommended Soundbar For x950g

“For those looking for power and good bass with the confidence of the Sony brand.”

best soundbar for x950g

The Sony HT-S350 has a sleek and stylish design and is light despite its 97 cm in length. With an external subwoofer that is somewhat heavy, it forms a 2.1 team that will allow you to improve your listening experience in movies and series at a contained price. In our buying guide, we tell you about subwoofers .

It offers us a sound that, although it is not comparable to that provided by sound bars at higher prices, it is crisp and clean , and has deep bass from the Sony house , ideal for enjoying the best action cinema.

It also has virtual surround technology, through which the bar emits sound waves in different directions, so that they bounce off the walls of your living room and reach you from different points to offer you an immersive experience similar to that of Home Cinema.

This is a technology that Sony has been including in its devices of most ranges, although it is true that, to live a complete immersive experience, we will have to increase the budget.

In terms of power, its 320 watts are more than enough for 99% of homes, so for the enjoyment of your movies, the limit will be in the neighbors, not in the bar! Within its price range, it is one of the most powerful bars on the market.

It has the usual connections: bluetooth, HDMI ARC and optical cable . Besides coming with its own remote control. 

One aspect to highlight is that it does not have a USB port, which you should take into account if you are one of those who usually listen to their music by clicking a USB.

  • Great power 
  • Deep bass
  • no usb port

7. Bomaker Sound Bar – Top Rated Soundbar For x950g

“A practical soundbar that enhances the sound of your television, for the tightest pockets.”

best soundbar for x950g

The Bomaker Sound Bar features a distinctive square design, and is 93 cm long.

With a 2.0 channel configuration, it gives us a very adequate audio quality for the price we pay.  It is obvious that we are not going to feel deep bass or an immersive experience, but it does offer adequate sound that clearly improves the sound of the TV. And this, for the price we are paying, is not bad at all.

We can handle it with the remote control that it incorporates. We do miss that the bar incorporates a sound indicator , since when we raise or lower the volume, we do not know at what volume level we are.

It has 4 sound modes: general, voice, bass and treble. While it is true that the differences are almost negligible, so it is not worth paying too much attention to this. 

Regarding power, it behaves well, despite being the bar that has the least watts of those that we offer you in this ranking with 60 watts.

On the connection side, we have an optical connection (the most common), aux, usb and bluetooth . The bluetooth connection will allow you to use it wirelessly if your television is compatible and it will also allow you to launch music from your mobile or any device to play it from the bar. USB, meanwhile, allows you to connect a pen with your songs to be able to play them and enjoy your favorite music.

  • Unbeatable price
  • Modern and unique design
  • Audio quality is not comparable to higher models

How To Choose Best Soundbar For x950g?

Other Things you should know before buying

Space at home

Sound bars appeared on the market as the perfect replacement for home cinema: they do not take up too much space and do not require to distribute speakers or cables throughout the room. Some advices:

  • Check the measurements : does the soundbar fit in the cabinet where you want to place it? Does it have dimensions in accordance with the television where you are going to connect it? (Many people, for sheer aesthetics, don’t like the length of the soundbar to be longer than the TV.)
  • If you want it with a subwoofer , you should check its dimensions and make sure you have room to place it .

In addition, you should take into account:

  • The dimensions of the room or room where you are going to place it : If the room is very large or has very high ceilings, let’s say that it will be more difficult to “fill in” the entire room with sound, and therefore we will require a minimum power of watts to our soundbar.
  • The neighbourhood . We must also be realistic with where we are going to place our sound bar. If our television is wall to wall with the neighbour’s bedroom, surely you will not need a super sound bar with enormous power and incredible bass because you will not be able to get the most out of it directly.


The power of sound bars is measured in watts. More watts does not mean higher sound quality . Watts only measure the maximum power of a soundbar. For an average home, and to watch movies or series, we are rarely going to need powers higher than 150 watts . Of course, if you want to use it for parties or as a main sound equipment, then perhaps we can be a bit more demanding in this section.

To enjoy good cinema, a 150-watt soundbar is more than enough

We have to take into account that there are some manufacturers that do not specify the watts of their product. The explanation we find is that watts do not explain audio quality, and these manufacturers fear that people, when checking the watts of their soundbar, may think that a priori premium products, are not just for the fact that don’t have a lot of watts.


  • Optical cable . It is the most common connection, and consists of connecting a very fine cable from the sound bar to the television.
  • HDMI ARC . It involves connecting the sound bar with the television via HDMI cable. But beware, it must be ARC. Most modern televisions incorporate this port. You will usually recognize it on your television because it bears the ‘ARC’ badge next to the entrance.
  • Bluetooth . Most modern sound bars have a bluetooth connection option. This yes, you should check if your television is compatible with bluetooth, since if not you will not be able to pair both devices. Although the sound in bluetooth will never be able to match (at least for now) the sound quality of the cable connection, it is true that the differences are not brutal and many people compensate for the power to forget about the cables.


Today there are many different configurations: 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 2.0 3.0

For example, a 2.1 configuration means that it consists of 2 sets of speakers integrated in the soundbar itself plus one in the subwoofer itself. 

Logic tells us that the more channels you have, the higher the audio quality and surround sound experience.

Most experts indicate that the best immersive experiences are obtained from 3.1 configurations onwards, although it is true that today there are many 2.1 and 2.0 soundbars that comply very well and are in high demand precisely because they are so much more economical and accessible.

Soundbar FAQs

During these last years we have had many questions about Soundbars. Therefore, we have decided to make this small section in which we will solve them all.

Q. Does more power equal better sound?

Absolutely not . Power makes a soundbar louder. In other words, a 300W soundbar can reach a higher volume than a 100W one. However, for most occasions, with a power greater than 100-150W we will have more than enough in any living room of an average home.

So unless you are using it in a large garden and want a lot of volume outdoors, power is not a key factor when choosing a best soundbar for x950g.

Q. So is the most important thing for a soundbar to sound good?

If what we really want is a high fidelity sound that accompanies our 4K television, what we have to look at is the number of channels and the quality of the transducers. The more variety there is, the greater the audio fidelity we get.

These can be tweeters for high frequencies, woofers for mid frequencies and subwoofers for low frequencies. If our bar has several channels and different speakers in each of them, the audio will be more separated and it will be very easy to distinguish each sound and thus increase the quality of the whole. Therefore, when choosing a best soundbar for x950g, it is best to choose one that has at least one speaker of each type per channel .

Q. Better with or without a subwoofer? Is it essential?

There are many subwoofer-less audio bars these days that work like a charm thanks to the inclusion of large built-in woofers. The good thing is that thanks to this we can save a junk at home. The downside is that the bass will not reach the same depth as if we had an additional external subwoofer.

Therefore, if you really want to enjoy spectacular sound and want to make a big leap from the sound of your smart TV, we recommend you go for the best soundbar for x950g with subwoofer that your budget allows.

Q. How do you connect a wireless soundbar to the television?

ll wireless sound bars can be connected to the television in different ways. The most common is through an ARC-type HDMI cable, which transmits sound with the highest quality. However, they can be connected by optical cable or wirelessly via WIFI to our Smart TV.

What if you have to take into account when buying a wireless sound bar, is that you can connect the bar to the subwoofer without the need for cables, since this way you can have the sound bar under the TV and the subwoofer on one side without showing a cable connecting both devices.

Q. Is there a vertical sound bar?

The bars vertical sound , also called sound towers are devices similar to traditional soundbars, as they have speakers of different size along its structure reproducing all kinds of sounds (bass, middle and treble).

The main difference between a vertical sound bar and a traditional music bar is that the former usually rests vertically on the floor and the normal sound bar rests directly on the living room cabinet, just below the TV. In addition, normally, these types of devices are more aimed at people who want to use them, above all, to play music and not movies and series.


So Finally Our Detailed Guide About Best Soundbar for x950g comes to its final thoughts, we hope you have choosen the best soundbar for x950g according to your preferences.

Although soundbars do not provide the extreme theater audio experience of a full home theater system, they offer improved sound quality, dialogue, and music experiences. Depending on the soundbar you choose, you could create a much better auditory experience in your home without the expense of home theaters or multiple speakers. Plus, soundbars are sleek and streamlined, meaning you won’t have bulky speaker equipment distracting from your room’s look.

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