Bose solo 5 soundbar review

- Updated January 10, 2020

The sound quality of most of the televisions these days seems to be lacking due to their slim body. Hence, having an external sound bar these days is becoming a necessity. Especially, if you are someone who loves to watch movies and listen to music. However, these days there are so many soundbars available in the market. All of which are of different models and brands. Each one has its own pros and cons and features. Hence, choosing one out of so many is not an easy task.

Hence, to make the choice easier for you we have reviewed the Bose solo 5 soundbar. This is a great unit for people who are looking for an affordable sound system that performs good. There are many features that are offered in this sound system. Read down below for the Bose solo 5 soundbar review. The pros and the cons of the system have also been mentioned.

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Features and specifications of the bose 5 soundbar:

  • Single sound bar provides excellent sound quality compared to your TV.
  • Comes with advanced technologies that ensure a good audio is delivered.
  • Bluetooth network to remotely stream music from any of your gadgets
  • All inclusive remote controls TV, bass, Bluetooth and that’s just the beginning
  • It can be wall mounted
  • Offers ease of use and connectivity

Bose solo 5 soundbar review

Bose is a very well know maker of audio equipment, having a very wide list of products. The company is based in Massachusetts and was founded in 1965(according to wikipedia)

The unit weighs 6.35kg and measures 548x70x86mm. Not only does it have a sleek design but it also looks stylish when placed in your room. Now, let’s talk about its design. The design of Solo 5 can get any simpler than this. It is one of the most compact sound bars that you will find in the market. This works quite well for people who don’t have much space to fit a large sound system in their room. It can easily fit into a limited space below the TV.

The soundbar itself does not feature a lot of buttons. All of the controls and buttons can be found on the Bose universal remote control. Though you will mostly find soundbars featuring remote controls, but you will be amazed at how useful the Bose remote control can be as it is possible to control different gadgets utilizing the database of maker IR codes included.

It offers very good quality when it comes to the sound. You can easily understand the dialogue even without the specific mode turned on.  People who can’t hear properly will find the dialogue mode quite helpful as other than emphasizing the words spoken it also works to enhance the comprehensibility by reducing the bass.

The inside of the frame of Solo 5 holds two speakers that are present in the middle of its body. The soundstage is limited and the stereo separation is not very impressive. This means while watching movies the audio effects require directionality and if you are used to the wrapping sound that is provided by the bigger soundbars then you will be a little disappointed with this one.

However, if you have placed the Bose 5 in a medium sized room then you will be pleased to find that it provides enough volume to fill up the room. This is quite useful if the speakers that your television set features don’t work good enough. It is a good unit for listening to music. Trebels and mids are decent and fresh however you may discover you’ll need to increase the bass from the factory setting as there is less presence in the lower recurrence sounds. You will also need to do this if you want to increase the impact of movie explosions.

Other than this the unit is super easy to setup. All you are required to do is to connect the system to your television. It can be connected using an analogue or optical coaxial audio cable. Overall, the manufacturers have made sure to make the Bose 5 as simple as they it can get. It’s a great option if you are looking for a sound system that comes at an affordable price and is not complicated to use.

Though there is a lot of room for improvement, but it can prove to be a great combination when used in a small to medium sized room for a television that does not feature a good sound system. It is worth what you are paying for.

Pros and cons of bose solo 5 soundbar:

Like every other unit available in the market, this one too comes with its own pros and cons. Its better that you are aware of both before you head out to buy the unit. Read down below to find out about them.

Pros of the Bose solo 5 sound system:

  • It has a small compact design that does not take up a lot of space
  • It can be connected to devices via Bluetooth
  • It features an auto shut off system, which means the unit automatically shuts off after a period of no activity
  • The voice enhancement feature works very well
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Delivers a good quality of sound with minimum distortion
  • It is super easy to set up, all you need to do is plug and play

Cons of the of the Bose solo 5 sound system:

  • The sound quality is good but not amazing
  • Wall mount kit does not come with the unit
  • It only works good if you are using it in a medium sized room


The Bose Solo 5 is a straightforward and basic soundbar gives a new life to any Television set that comes with poor quality speakers. As long as you are someone who is not looking for something extra ordinary, you will be pleased with this unit.  Overall, it is a decent unit available at a good price. However, if you take sound quality seriously or need to place the sound bar in a large room then you can find much better options in the market than this one.



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