Top 7 Best Soundbar Under 300 You Can Buy Right Now

- Updated January 10, 2020

Over the years, people have dedicated endless resources to elevate the way we hear sound or music practically. Speakers have stayed relevant for as long as we can remember just so we could turn up that volume and enjoy whatever we want to listen to. A Soundbar is a perfect representation of how our audio experience has evolved. Soundbars have revolutionized the way we watch our conventional TV or just the way we listen to our favourite tracks at home.

There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than coming home to a nice sound system and play your favourite track after a long and tedious day at work. Some of the best soundbar under 300 will do an excellent job in providing you with the most immersive sound output seamlessly.  

300$ is too much for you? Not to worry, there’s a solution: best soundbar under 200$

Soundbars have also evolved since their first inception. From being focussed purely on listening to music, they are now a must-addition for your home TVs. A good soundbar provides that feeling of sitting inside a premium movie theatre with surround sound, who wouldn’t love that? In addition to that, they are a key component in adding life to any of your house parties as well.

What features to look for before buying your ideal soundbar?

At present, the number of available soundbar in the market is literally mind-boggling. As such, choosing the best soundbar can quickly become topsy-turvy if you don’t have a clear idea of what specifications to look for.

Here are some of the key features you want to look for before buying a soundbar.

  1. Size

Most people just randomly pick the most high-rated product without considering the size of the unit. Since, your primary aim is to incorporate the soundbar with your home entertainment system, make sure the sizes are in proportion to each other. You certainly don’t want to end up with a bulky soundbar that can cause inconvenience with the placement, and the same applies for an extra-small soundbar unit as well.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity is another key specification to look out for. Apart from great sound quality, the other key feature the sound unit must possess is dynamic connectivity. Some of the best soundbar under 300 only come with a jack or USB support, which are great for connecting with your home TV. But, if you want to use it for connecting with your smartphone or any other electronic device, wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth support is one to look out for.

  • Pricing

Pricing will always be a crucial factor no matter what type of product you’re shopping for. It’s important to buy products that have the best price: performance ratio apart from anything else. For a soundbar in specific, you can get some high-quality product under $300. So make sure you aren’t paying too much for an average product. You can limit your research to find the best soundbar under 300 to help you make better choices.  

  • Sound quality

Obviously, the most crucial aspect of buying a soundbar should be sound quality. After all, that is the entire purpose of the unit in the first place. When shopping around for the best soundbar under 300, look for Dolby Atmos support. Also, look for multiple driver support as well. The more the drivers, the better you can experience your sound quality (surround sound system).

  • Accessibility and ease of control

Even a premium soundbar can quickly become boring and unsatisfactory to use if it has unintuitive accessibility. Soundbars are more than just simply turning them ON and forgetting about it. You need to make use of its various controls from time-to-time; hence, having a user-friendly interface is of utmost importance.

When shopping around for the best soundbar under 300, make sure the unit comes with an ample of simple and practical control functions.

Best Soundbar under 300

  1. ZVOX SB400 Aluminium Soundbar with built-in Subwoofer

The ZVOX SB400 is hands down one of the best soundbar under 300. Sure many people may be skeptical about it simply due to its branding. But, the soundbar does what it’s supposed to do, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters, right? In addition to that, the SB400 comes loaded with tons of features which are expected from a standard $300 soundbar. It has some significant improvement features over its smaller sibling, the SB380, which are all a great welcoming addition.

Technical specifications –

  • Design

The design of the ZVOX SB400 is as simple as it can get. There isn’t anything peculiar worth mentioning that would make it a standout. However, the unit looks bold and looks convincingly well-made. The front of the soundbar is dominated by the aluminium grill with a curve design on the top and bottom, instead of the plain rectangular-shaped grill. A small branding tag is located on the bottom to avoid compromising the sound quality.

There is a small LED display below the speaker grill on the front side that shows you the current volume level, which is a great feature. The other controls, such as power button, volume up and down, are all present on the right side. The buttons are big and bold, making it an effortless job to control them.

The overall dimension of the ZVOX SB400 is 35.5″X3.3″ X5.7″ and is suitable for TV of sizes between 37″ and 65.”

  • Build-quality

The build quality of the SB400 is simply impressive. In fact, some may say it is one of its key highlights. The ZVOX SB400 is built like a tank to achieve the maximum possible lifespan. Its aluminium cabinet ensures optimum mechanical strength, sturdy and is capable of withstanding low-medium height falls. It also provides low resonance for superior sound output.

  • Connectivity

One of the major drawbacks of the SB380 was its incapability to feature Bluetooth support. This drawback has been rectified in case of the SB400. The SB400 comes with Bluetooth support making it easy for you to connect any device with it via wireless connectivity.

One of the most positive features of the SB400 is its “programmable remote” option. Even though it comes with its own dedicated remote control, it can be programmed for controlling basic actions using any type of remote as well. An instruction manual for performing this program is provided in the box.

  • Performance

The performance aspect is where the SB400 thrive the most, making it one of the best soundbar under 300. The Accuvoice is one of its intriguing features that work excellently in filtering out audios and providing you with a crystal clear voice output. The Accuvoice uses hearing aid technology to ensure clean audio, and the results are impressive, to say the least.  

The SB400 also features the new MegaBass technology to enhance the Bass output. On top of that, the SB400 has a built-in subwoofer. These two features combined produce an extremely efficient sound output both in terms of bass and overall sound quality. The soundbar can go down to 50Hz without any external woofer and can go up to 20,000Hz. 

The SB400 also features a Dolby Digital decoding for ensuring the highest quality of audio output. It also features a three-driver set-up each of 2″ full range. This provides an excellent surround sound while watching your regular TV.

The SB400 also features something called the Taming control. There is a button with an “OL” tag, and this enables the soundbar to make the soft voice louder and vice-versa. This is especially helpful for automatically minimising those loud commercials. 

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Sturdy construction Average sound output
Programmable remote control  
Built-in subwoofer  
Clean and clear audio  
Taming loud commercials  
  • Sony HT-MT300 (2017 Model)

Sony! Now, that’s a name you can trust blindfolded when it comes to any electronic items. The HT-MT300 is no exception, and there are only a few soundbars that can contest with it below the $300 price range. The unit comes packed with loads of unique and practical features, which (of course) is expected from a premium brand such as Sony. The Sony HT-MT300 is one of the best soundbar under 300 and something you cannot simply overlook considering how impressive its features are. 

Technical Specifications –

  • Design

The design of the HT-MT300 is something that everybody can appreciate. Unlike other soundbars which have a rather subjective aesthetic aspect, the Sony MT300 has a slim and compact design and has a more universal appeal. The unit is also available in two color options – white and black. Any color you decide to go for will blend in effortlessly with your décor.

The HT-MT300 comes in two different parts – the soundbar and the woofer. The soundbar itself is rectangular in shape and has the dimension of 50 x 10.3 x 5.4 cm (L x B x H). The front side is dominated by the speaker grill which extends to the sides and forms a V-shaped design giving it a superior finish. All the capacitive controls are on the top right surface, and a series of LED lights on the centre of the top surface helps you keep track of your input selection or EQ settings as well.

The subwoofer is light and compact, designed for optimum convenience. It has the dimension of 9.3 x 36.8 x 38.3 cm and can slide in effortlessly under your couch or just stand next to the soundbar unit as well.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity in terms of the HT-MT300 is not an issue. It comes with tons of features to allow you to connect with almost any device with optimal ease. The connectively becomes even more fun and intuitive if your smartphone has the NFC feature enabled. Instead of pressing the Bluetooth icon and waiting for both the device to pair up with each other, the MT300 automatically connects with your device as soon as you place it on top of the soundbar.

You can also obtain connectivity through the digital, analogue audio inputs, or just simply the traditional USB. However, the unit does not support connectivity through Google cast, Wi-Fi, or Alexa.

  • Set-up

Setting up the Sony HT-MT300 is extremely easy and involves some few fundamental steps. First, you can set-up the soundbar itself by plugging it in with your TV audio output jack/port. Secondly, you can plug in the subwoofer using any wall power outlet available at your disposal. Lastly, command your TV to use the external speaker instead of the default speaker and voila, you’re good to go.   

  • Performance

The performance of the Sony HT-MT300 is nothing short of spectacular, especially considering that it is an entry-level soundbar. The MT300 soundbar attributes its impressive audio output performance to its S-Force Pro surround sound technology. This technology helps the speaker to produce virtual surround acoustic with the help of the two front speakers.

The MT300 has Dolby audio for sure, but considering its price point, you should not go in expecting the kind of sound quality you would generally get from a Dolby Atmos. However, it is easily one of the best soundbar under 300 for the kind of audio output quality that you get. 

 The subwoofers also supply impressive performance in terms of magnifying the audio output and also the bass boost as well. Another handy feature of the subwoofer is that due to its extremely compact and sleek design, they can be tucked away inside your cushion. Under such conditions, the woofer performs under “Sofa mode” to make up for the sound loss from the cushions.    

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent value for money Average surround sound performance
Ergonomic design  
Good audio output  
Easy set up  
  • LG NB4543

This South Korean electronics product manufacturer is another brand that does mess around with their product. They are one of the highest-rated and most trusted brands in the world. So it’s no surprise their entry-level NB4543 is on the list. From a practical point of view, there are a lot of things to like about the LG NB4543 (apart from the name). From its unique and ergonomic design to its impressive audio output, the LG NB4543 is one of the best soundbar under 300 definitely worth considering.

Technical specifications –

  • Design

The LG NB4543 is probably one of the sleekest and ergonomically designed soundbar in the market at present. No one in their right state of mind can shrug-off this slim and beautifully-finished product. The soundbar comes in two separate parts here as well – the slim soundbar and the external subwoofer.

The soundbar itself is extremely slim and sleek. The overall dimension of the unit is 33” x 3.2” x 1.37” (l x b x h). You place the soundbar in front of your giant TV, and you hardly notice its presence (physically). Also, the overall design deviates itself away from the traditional rectangular box-shape, which almost all the other products follow. Instead, it has a curved front speaker grill design, and the top surface also descends into a sharp end giving it a dew-drop kind of finish. The controls are placed on the usual top right-hand side and a LED display on the front. 

The design of the subwoofer has a completely different story. It sports a simple cube design with a back speaker grill finish. The ends are curved out, giving it a stylish vibe as well. The dimension of the subwoofer is 8.7″ x 11.06″ x 13.84.” The other good thing about it is that it features wireless connectivity. 

  • Build-quality

On the surface, the rich finish of the NB4543 gives it a premium-quality feel, especially the brushed metal finish. However, the unit is made of high-quality plastic. This gives the soundbar an extremely lightweight characteristic. It may not be the most robust unit, but it has a solid build-quality with moderate fall-resistance.

  • Connectivity

On the connectivity front, the LG NB4543 features almost all the standard features. The rear end of the soundbar features an HDMI input and output, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and also a standard USB port. The HDMI output is ARC-compatible, meaning you can receive audio signals directly from your TV without any additional cables.

It supports Bluetooth connectivity for connecting your external audio devices. But it still lacks other connectivity features such as Alexa or Google Home. 

  • Performance

The LG NB4543 is one of the few products to feature a 4.1 channel audio. This 4.1 channel ensures the best sound quality experience by creating virtual surround sound. Other soundbars in the same price segment mostly feature a 2 or 3.1 channel audio. This makes the NB4543 one of the best soundbar under 300 due to its superior audio output experience. The unit also does excellently in providing clear and crisp audio with minimal distortion. 

The subwoofer also does its fair bit of enhancing the audio output quality as well as amplifying the audio as well. However, it is not as impressive as other soundbar products with their subwoofer. If you want to harness the optimum audio output from it, you may want to connect an extra optical input.

The soundbar features a Dolby Digital and DTS decoder to ensure the highest quality of audio output. In addition to that, it also supports 192KHz/24-bit high-resolution audio support through the USB port.

The only drawback would be its fairly dominant and harsh treble audio output, making it an unpleasant experience at high volumes.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Slim and sleek design Average subwoofer performance
High-resolution audio support  
 Easy set-up  
Good bass output  
  • Sony HT-CT790

The HT-CT790 is another Sony product that strictly follows a no-nonsense principle and gets the job done with minimum hesitance. It is one of the best soundbar under 300 for its excellent performance and the overall superior features it brings to the table in comparison to its counterparts. The Sony HT-CT790 has a lot of “advanced” features which most of the products in this price segment lacks and most importantly, it’s Sony. So, if they claim to be better and superior, you can take that to the bank and cash it in.

Technical specifications –

  • Design

The design of the HT-CT790 is unique from all the other types of traditional soundbars in the market. It still follows the traditional rectangular design, but instead of the usual speaker grill on the front, it has a more dominant flat design. The primary speaker grill is located on the top surface, rather than on the front side. This gives the soundbar a slender layout and prevents minimum intervention between you and your entertainment system.

The usual power button and volume controls are located on the bottom left-hand side just below the main speaker grill. The other connectivity options are located on the bottom rear side.

The soundbar itself has the dimension of 43.3” x 20.4” x 9.9.” It has a matte black finish that gives it a premium look. Of course, the material is plastic, but it does not feel cheap in any sense as well. 

The subwoofer, on the other hand, has the dimension of 15″ x 2″ x 4″ and the design is as traditional as it gets. It has a 110 W built-in amplifier and has wireless connectivity.

  • Build-quality

The build quality of the HT-CT790 is convincingly sturdy. As one can expect from a premium brand such as Sony, the overall quality of the speaker is rigid and made for optimum durability. We won’t recommend performing a drop-test on the unit, though. The soundbar weighs about 15 pounds or 6.8kg. So, it’s not exactly lightweight as well. You may not want to carry it around the house.

  • Connectivity

In terms of connectivity options, the HT-CT790 sprints ahead of its usual competitors by miles. It provides some of the advanced features that even soundbars in higher price segments fail to offer, making it one of the best soundbar under 300.

On the rear end, the unit comes with one HDMI ARC output, three standard HDMI input, one 3.5mm audio jack, analog and digital optical connection, and a standard USB port on the ride hand side.

In addition to that, the subwoofer has wireless connectivity with the soundbar unit. The Bluetooth connectivity option automatically connects to your NFC-supported smartphone by simply placing it on top of the soundbar. For devices that do have NFC, you can connect via the conventional Bluetooth feature.

One of the unique connectivity offerings of the HT-CT790 is its Google Cast support feature. This makes it extremely easy for you to control the unit via a voice assistant device. It also supports music playback option by downloading Sony’s dedicated music app called SongPAL.

  • Performance

The performance of the CT790 is also one of the best under $300. The unit features a 4K source to screen feature that allows you to transfer 4K data (picture, video) from your device to your 4K-support TV screen without any reduction in the quality. This allows you to enjoy the contents at the highest quality.

The Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD-master provide crisp and clear audio output from your entertainment unit. The audio that you receive through the unit is uncompressed, and every minor detail passes through the soundbar. This in itself makes the HT-CT790 one of the best soundbar under 300.

The unit features a 2.1 driver channel output which is certainly not the best in terms of expecting a surround sound experience. But Sony’s S-Force Pro surround technology does it’s fair bit to make up for that.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent price: performance ratio Only 2.1 driver channel output
Good audio output  
Ergonomic design (both horizontal and vertical mounting option)  
Ample connectivity options  
  • Vizio SB36512-F6

The Vizio SB36512-F6 is one of the hidden gems of the best soundbar under 300. Many people tend to look for the premium brands or at least something they are familiar with. Hence, this soundbar does not get the recognition it deserves. If you are looking for an ideal product that helps you experience high-end features, the Vizio SB36512 what you should be looking out for. Backed by tons of premium features and promising sound experience, the Vizio F6 is definitely one of the best soundbar under 300.

Technical Specifications –

  • Design

The design of the Vizio soundbar on the physical aspects is not as immersive or eye-pleasing as compared to other premium brands such as LG or Sony. But, let’s face it. Is it even fair to make that kind of comparison? However, that does not necessarily mean it’s bad. 

The soundbar is certainly compact and will blend in beautifully with any of your entertainment units. The design is in coherence to what the entire product represents – no shenanigans and get’s to the point instantaneously. The soundbar has the dimension of 36” x 2.5” x 3.19.”

The Vizio SB36512 is the only soundbar under 300 that comes with 2 extra satellite speakers in addition to the subwoofer itself. The satellite speakers have the dimension of 2.69″ x 5.69″ x 2.56″ and the subwoofer measures 7″ x 11.42″ x 11.42.”

The usual controls such as power and volume capacitive inputs are all located in the centre top surface of the soundbar. The LED indicator on the front side (below the speaker grill) helps you identify your input options.

  • Build-quality

The overall build quality of the Vizio SB36512 is fairly sturdy and rigid. When a brand offers such a furnished product at almost half the price of what other premium charge you, they must make some minor compromises. In this case, the compromise may have occurred in the form of average build quality. But that still does not mean it has a really bad build-quality.

The overall quality is convincingly rigid, and the only way it is going to break is if you take out your aggression on the unit.

  • Connectivity

Dynamic connectivity is one of the strongholds of the Vizio soundbar unit. The unit comes loaded with advanced connectivity features that the majority of the units in this price segments misses out on.

The Vizio SB36512 comes with the usual 3.5mm audio jack, an HDMI Input, ARC-supported HDMI Output, optical audio input, and a standard USB port on the rear end. The unit also comes with a Bluetooth connectivity option for your smartphone or any other external audio equipment.

The multi-room streaming feature also enables you to stream music from multiple devices from using VIZIO smart cast audio throughout your home. The unit also allows you to turn your smartphone into a remote control by downloading the Vizio Smart Cast mobile app for free.

On top of all that, the unit also supports controls via voice-assistant devices such as Google home, which is an extremely rare feature on such a mid-ranged soundbar. This makes the Vizio SB36512 one of the best soundbar under 300.

  • Performance

The Vizio SB36512 is the only soundbar unit under 300 to feature a Dolby Atmos sound output. This is something that is seen only on premium soundbars, and to have this high-end feature on a fairly mid-range product is something unimaginable.

The Dolby Atmos audio output ensures you the highest quality of sound experience you can get for your money. You basically get a proper home-theatre experience with this unit. The sound is crisp and clear. The tone range is dynamic, and the bass is excellent, which is a very rare statement for a product in this price category.   

On top of that, the Vizio soundbar also comes with an incredible 5.1.2 channel driver. This allows you to experience the best surround sound system all-around your entertainment system. All these high-end performance features make the Vizio SB36512 one of the best soundbar under300.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent value for money Average build quality
Dolby Atmos sound output  
High-end specs  
Excellent subwoofer performance  
  • Samsung HW-F450

South Koreans don’t joke around with their electronic gadgets, do they? Samsung has established itself as one of the most innovative and successful brands across a plethora of platforms. Soundbars (of course) fall under one such category. Samsung has garnered mixed reviews over the past soundbars they have come out with (mostly positive). The HW-F450 is one of those soundbars that offers good features along with a brand name you can trust any day of the year. Considering the mid-pricing, the HW-F450 is certainly one of the best soundbar under 300.

Technical specifications –

  • Design

Samsung has been the centre of innovation for almost any kind of products they manufacture. However, the same cannot be said about their aesthetical features. They stick with a simple yet elegant design, and that seems to work every time. The HW-F450 follows the same principle – simple yet elegant design, nothing too fancy.

The soundbar has a simple and sleek black finishing. Unlike other soundbars, they have three audio output speakers on both sides, instead of the all-front speaker grill design. The soundbar unit has the dimension of 35” x 2.8” x 1.8” and the subwoofer about 7” x 14” x 11.6. ”

The physical control buttons are placed on the right corner side with a chopped-out kind of design to house those buttons. Practically, it is not as convenient as having the controls on the open-top surface, but the vertical design of the unit demands it.

  • Build-quality

Again, at this kind of price range, Samsung does not put in their premium quality materials for the unit’s construction. They are offering a good product at such aggressive pricing so you should not go in expecting all premium build-quality finish as they usually do. However, the entire unit does have a convincing sturdy construction. It is a plastic material, but not the scratchy and cheap kind of plastic. The subwoofer unit also has a similar story in terms of the build-quality. Due to the plastic build material, both the subwoofer and the soundbar are fairly lightweight.

  • Connectivity

The ease of connectivity on the Samsung HW-F450 is impressive. After all, this is one of the areas we expect Samsung to excel. The subwoofer is connected to the soundbar unit wirelessly, which is convenient. The unit also supports the standard Bluetooth connectivity for external audio devices or your smartphone.

However, the unique thing about this Samsung unit that makes it a much more convenient product is the wireless connectivity between the audiobar and your Samsung TV. Instead of going through the trouble of fixing multiple audio/video cables, the HW-F450 allows you to simply connect with your TV automatically.

You can also control the various functions of the soundbar through your Samsung TV remote. On the other connectivity aspects, the audiobar has all the standard inputs/outputs such as HDMI input/output, digital input audio, 3.5mm jack, and a USB port.

  • Performance

The performance of the Samsung HW-F450 is a mixed bag. It may not have all the features that other products offer at a similar price range. But it makes the best out of whatever it has and provides impressive performance. The unit comes with a 2.1 driver channel, which does its fair bit of providing a good virtual surround sound output. To other brands, this may be insufficient, but Samsung does well in making the best use of it.

The 6DPS settings also allow you to optimize the performance level of the audiobar by choosing between different modes from news to movies. 3D Sound Plus is a unique system from Samsung that allows you to experience the highest quality of 3D contents on your entertainment system. All these performance features make the HW-F450 a pleasing audiobar to have in your room and one of the best soundbar under 300.   

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Lightweight Unintuitive remote control
Good surround sound  
Easy and wireless set up (Samsung TV)  
Good quality audio output  
  • LG SPK8-S

The last sounbar on the list, but (obviously) not the least is the LG SPK8-S. Well, technically it is not a soundbar, but an additional sound kit you can buy for your selected LG soundbars. If you already have an existing LG audiobar, this is the best and the cheapest way to harness the optimum sound performance.  

 Also, the brand name helps in convincing you to hop up on the bandwagon and believe its performance claim. If you want a more classic speaker experience, this LG SPK8-S sound unit is one of the best soundbar under 300 to consider.

Technical specifications –

  • Design

The design of the LG SPK8-S deviates from the slim and rectangular dimension that has become synonymous with soundbars. The primary soundbars take the form of the traditional cubical shape. It has the dimension of 3.5″ x 3.2″ x 4.8.”

The front portion of the unit is dominated by the speaker grill. The overall design is simple and sports an all-black finishing. Since it is an extension of other LG soundbar units, it does not have any capacitive or physical control buttons. The curved edges give it a premium feel and contribute its fair share in elevating the overall aesthetic vibe of the unit.

  • Build-quality

The build quality of the LG SPK98-S is certainly not the most impressive, but at the same time, it isn’t the worst either. It has a good finishing, which gives it a nice, high-quality vibe to the entire build-quality of the unit. You also do not feel any cheap materials on the product, as long as you don’t scratch it. The overall build quality is solid with convincing ruggedness.

  • Connectivity

Since the LG SPK8-S is technically a speaker kit for your already existing LG soundbars, it does not need to be equipped with all the connectivity features. Its connectivity features will mainly depend on your present LG soundbar system.

However, the LG SPK98-S does support wireless connectivity to pair it up with your existing LG soundbar unit. This means you can keep the speakers at strategic places in order to ensure yourself the best sound quality coming out from your LG soundbar.

  • Compatibility

Keep in mind that the LG SPK8-S is only compatible with select LG soundbar units. If you have a soundbar from other brands, you may want to skip this out. The compatible LG soundbar units are –

  • SK9Y
    • SKM6Y
      • SK8Y
      • SK10Y
      • SKC9
      • SK6Y
      • SK5Y
  • Performance

The LG SPK8-S comes with two 70Watt speakers with a 2.0 drive channel sound system. Combine that with your already existing LG soundbar unit and the resultant audio output is literally seamless. The sound output from the unit and the soundbar gives you the ideal home-theatre vibe.

If you already have an LG soundbar unit, buying this additional rear speaker kit is highly recommended.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Impressive audio output Technically not a soundbar


By now, you have a pretty good concept of what you want to look for if you want to buy the best soundbar under 300. It is always more efficient to check for multiple products and make comparisons, especially their price and performance ratio. The above-listed products are some of the best soundbar under 300 if you want to save some of your valuable time.

All the high-priced soundbars may not necessarily mean high-quality. The same can be applied to cheap soundbar units as well. Also, make some specific feature priorities to look for in order to avoid getting stuck with too many choices. 

If you’re in the market searching for the best soundbar under 300, consider looking into the above products as well.   

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