LG SH3K Review: A really cute, compact soundbar

- Updated January 10, 2020

All of us are witnessing a dramatic revolution in sound technology and adoption of most advanced technology for home use. Technology along with the compactness and affordability has made it possible to enjoy the finest sound in your home theatre. The global technology major LG introduced an all new compact 38-Inch 2.1 Channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer. This is our LG SH3K review for the sound enthusiast in you.

The LG SH3K is a perfect package as it offers outstanding sound quality with powerful bass in cool black brushed look with multiple audio codes and audio file support at a very competitive price. You get audio system nominal output power of total 300 Watt with integrated amplifier and dynamic range control system. The built-in DTS digital surround and Dolby digital gives you the feeling of Cineplex at home.

The slick design makes it a perfect fit for your TV.  Rock your home with 2.1 channel sound and enjoy your TV in spectacular clarity.

LG SH3K Review: Everything you need to know

The sound bar measures 37.4x1.9x15.4 inch and weighs of 12.3 lbs. The subwoofer measures 6.7x10.3x2.8 inch and weighs 5.5 lbs. It is very easy to wall-mount. With advancement in technology, it is now possible to get the best quality sound in slim designs as well. The beautiful harmonious design enhances the beauty of the wall of your lovely room. 

LG SH3K Review: Design and remote

The minimalist design with smart digital interface gives your hint about the activity. LG gives a very user friendly remote that works perfectly with other TV brands. The remote has deep control functionalities like special keys for pause/play and song skip for streaming audio.

The wireless design gives you the desired mobility and freedom to take music to any corner of your house. The design of the remote is basically generic. But this gives you total control over the functionalities of the soundbar. Interestingly, the soundbar will respond to your TV remote as well, if you wish so.  

LG SH3Kreview: Connectivity and inputs

This product has wireless active subwoofer with connectivity interface of Bluetooth 4.0 along with optical input and 3.5 mm portable in. It has an HDMI port allowing connecting with a Blu-ray player or game console directly. LG SH3K gives you seamless connectivity as it cuts your drops in your connection with the Mesh Network combined with Dual Band Wi-Fi technology. This helps you enjoy high-definition music endlessly.

LG SH3K Review: Sound quality

The sound quality of LG SH3K while watching movies is pretty good as you get crispy dialogue delivery without any specific mode. It supports LPCM, Dolby digital and DTS digital audio formats, perfectly designed for TV. You have option to set audio sound in standard or cinema mode.

However, the cinema mode is much louder than the standard mode.

The sound bar gives nominal output power 50x2 Watt and the subwoofer output is 200 Watt.  For better sound output it is good to wall-mount the sound bar.

Depending on the size of your room, LG SH3K primarily will definitely offer better sound quality with more bass. You have two modes to enjoy the sound, namely Cinematic and Voice. Voice mode cuts the background clutter and helps you get better voice quality. Although, you cannot expect the concert kind of quality in music, but it’s definitely much better than several of the soundbars available in this price range.

The mini subwoofer is pretty impressive in performance with bass remote control system in place.  The wireless design gives you the freedom of mobility with your subwoofer, you can place it anywhere. You will not notice any problem of pairing or drop. The indicator LED gives you clue about the connectivity status.

LG SH3K Review: Verdict

If you are looking for better sound system for your television at a reasonable price then the beautifully designed LG SH3K is good buy as it gives you amazingly better sound. The wireless interface with Bluetooth connectivity gives your home a good look and you the freedom to enjoy music in any corner of your home. Although technology has advanced far ahead in terms of device handling using mobile control applications like Google assistant, Siri or Alexa but it suits your purpose if you are not a TV addict.

The worth of product and its goodness depends on the buying expectations. Going by the specifications and price tag, it gives you more than your expected outcome. This will definitely add value to your TV watching experience and fill your home with music. 

Now that I've used it for a few weeks, I think it has met expectations. The sound from the bar itself is certainly better than the speakers on my SONY TV. They lack the punch of the bookshelf speakers in my other system but this is to be expected, and the bar is certainly more than adequate to fill any room with sound, or play over talking at a party.

It is pretty easy to setup the LG SH3K if you know how to setup home audio system. All you have to do is connect the optical audio out (Toslink) from the television to the optical audio input on the soundbar. If size permits you can put is below the TV, however the company asks you to wall-mount for better sound quality.  You can place the wireless subwoofer in any corner depending on your need of spread. Once you are done with setup process, you can turn everything on and set the bar to "optical" the subwoofer will automatically pair with the bar.

However, some of the issues that make you feel missing are the absence of display on soundbar, as there are only LED indicators to show activity status. There is no option to adjust bass or treble.  A functionality to control volume sensitivity could have made it the best in the category.

This is a perfect buy for you if you want a add life to you home theatre entertainment experience. The all powerful, harmoniously designed and innovative sound bar from the house of LG will make your life vibrant.

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