Best Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV

Best soundbar for Samsung frame TV: why do you need it? There’s no denying that the latest Samsung frame televisions are both stylish and slim in their overall construction. However, even though this design has built-in speakers, the sound is muffled. 

If we look at the design of Smart TVs, we find that due to their thinness, it is not possible to install high-quality speakers that can provide surround sound throughout a room effectively. That is why an increasing number of people opt to purchase a TV soundbar, which provides significantly better audio quality than any Smart TV.

Best Choice
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar...
On Budget
Sony Barre de Son Noir HTSF200
Overall Best
YAMAHA YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer...
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar...
Sony Barre de Son Noir HTSF200
YAMAHA YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer...
Best Choice
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar...
Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar...
On Budget
Sony Barre de Son Noir HTSF200
Sony Barre de Son Noir HTSF200
Overall Best
YAMAHA YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer...
YAMAHA YAS-207BL Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer...

A soundbar is a perfect complement to catapult your TV sound. However, not all soundbars are good. Some are excellent bargains, while others are a waste of time and money. To ensure that your money does not go to waste, you should do some research before purchasing a soundbar for your Samsung frame tv, music player, or home cinema setup. 

I know it is difficult to make a decision among all of the models available on the market. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven best soundbar for Samsung frame TV to help you out. 

Top 7 Best Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV

1- Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Bose Smart Soundbar 700 For Samsung Frame TV
  • Ease of installation and use.
  • Discreet design, impeccable manufacturing.
  • Efficient calibration, energetic sound reproduction.
  • Very wide stereo.

The Bose Soundbar 700 is an elegant model designed to satisfy the most demanding users. It has a sleek speaker cabinet and excellent build quality like a high-end speaker. This model features a sturdy construction as well as exceptionally clean finishes. In addition to the attractive design, a large metal grille and tempered glass on the upper side provide additional protection.

With a weight of 4.76 kg each, the Bose SoundBar 700 is perfect that offers decent overall performance. You’ve got options like Bluetooth and wifi, HDMI ARC, and Optical and Micro-USB when it comes to connectivity. Moreover, you can control it either through the Bose Music application, which allows us to equalize the sound to suit our preferences or through the remote, which can also be used as a master remote for television programming.

Additionally, this model is compatible with Alexa and Amazon’s smart assistant, enabling us to control our smart devices using voice commands. You can also listen to music from your favorite streaming services, such as Spotify or Amazon Music. The Soundbar 700 from Bose has four midrange speakers, two on either side of the center tweeter.  

Fortunately, the speaker is easy to install; just place it in front of the TV, and it’s already working. Even though the Bose Soundbar 700 is not cheap, and there are less expensive options on the market that deliver excellent performance, it is nonetheless a highly recommended product for those with the financial means to purchase one.

2- Sony HTSF200

Sony HTSF200 Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • Excellent value for money
  • Precise and musical rendering.
  • Extension and reactivity of correct bass.
  • Good stereophonic width.
  • Small footprint (58cm wide, 6.5cm high)

For people who want to save space, the Sony HTSF200 is an excellent option. It is only 58cm long. Despite its diminutive size, it packs a powerful bass punch thanks to the inclusion of a subwoofer built right into the bar’s frame. This TV soundbar features Sony’s Virtual Surround technology. 

In order to create an immersive experience similar to that of a home cinema, this technology involves emitting sound waves in different directions with the goal of bouncing off the walls of our living room and reaching us from various locations. It is covered by a textured imitation leather plastic on the top and a large metal grille on the front, protecting the two full-range loudspeakers installed at the ends.

The woofer is located beneath the speakers. To connect with the TV, you can use either the HDMI ARC port or the optical digital audio input using the Toslink cable supplied with it. The bar is equipped with a USB socket for audio content but is not easily accessible. The use of Bluetooth technology is much more straightforward.

The Bluetooth connection allows you to use it wirelessly. In addition, it also allows you to stream music from your mobile phone, thus using the soundbar as a mini audio system. Eighty watts of power is enough for medium-sized rooms, but if you’re using it with Bluetooth, it may be able to handle larger rooms.


YAMAHA YAS-207 Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • Impeccable finish: faux leather and fabric
  • Good audio quality
  • Rich and varied audio technology
  • Wireless connection and Compatible with other devices

The YAMAHA brand offers you a soundbar that has a sober design with an elegant finish. It is the first soundbar capable of supporting Dolby and DTS audio formats. This wireless audio system uses the Bluetooth function to transfer data to other terminals. Its sound power of 200 Watts and its latest generation audio technologies allows users to live a great immersive experience. 

The YAS207 displays a sound power of 200 Watts. It has four 4.6 cm speakers and two 2.5 cm tweeters. With its external subwoofer, you will enjoy a sound that is both dynamic and deep. The sound is pleasant even after long-term use. A remote control is provided to facilitate the adjustment of the soundbar from your sofa: adjustment of the volume of the subwoofer, selection of the “bass extension” mode, ON/OFF.

This is the first soundbar model to incorporate virtual 3D surround sound. Because of this, it can provide you with a high-quality sound experience. Dolby Virtual:X audio formats are also supported. In addition, the YAS207 has the Clear Voice feature, too. Thanks to its unique features, audiences can enjoy movies and news stories while still enjoying high-quality audio.

All kinds of devices can be connected to the YAS-207 because it has a wide range of connectors. It has an HDMI input/output that is compatible with Ultra HD and an analog input, an optical port, and Bluetooth. A USB port is used to perform the firmware upgrade.

4- Polk Audio Signa S3

Polk Audio Signa S3 Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • Good sound quality
  • Speakers: 2x 25 mm tweeters, 2x 32×112 mm woofers, 1x 13 cm subwoofer
  • Amplification: 80 + 80 Watts
  • Decoding: Dolby Audio
  • Connectivity: wifi, Bluetooth, 1x HDMI ARC, 1x optical, 1x analog mini-jack, Chromecast Audio, Google Assistant compatible

Polk Signa soundbars are incredibly easy to use and set up in every way: during the installation process and afterward. The Signa S3 is wide enough to complement televisions with screen sizes ranging from 55 to 65 inches, and you also have the option of mounting the soundbar on a stand or the wall. Polk also provides wall spacers, as well as optical and HDMI cables.

The wireless subwoofer with the soundbar is also well-made and follows the same design aesthetic as the soundbar, with a black finish and a fabric front. The Signa S3 has a maximum of 2.1 channels, but it is also capable of decoding Dolby Digital 5.1 channel audio. You’ll also get an HDMI port with ARC (audio return channel), an optical digital input, and an auxiliary input in addition to the other features.

It includes Polk’s patented Voice Adjust technology, which allows you to choose from three distinct levels of crisp, clear dialogue reproduction, ensuring that you never miss a word of your favorite movie or television show. There are also three sound modes that are self-explanatory: Movie, Music, and Night, to name a few.

That concludes the physical options; however, Bluetooth and Chromecast are also available. There are some basic touch controls on the soundbar itself, which allow you to turn the system on and off, cycle through the available inputs (ARC, optical, AUX, Bluetooth), pair a Bluetooth device, and adjust the volume up-down.

5- Sony HT-S350

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • 2.1 soundbar with wireless subwoofer
  • 320-watt S-Master™ amplification
  • Surround speaker simulation
  • Wireless connection possible via Bluetooth with a compatible TV

The sony HT-S350 soundbar is quite attractive, with a magnificent mesh metal grille on the front, basic quality plastic on the underside and back, and finally, a slightly textured matte plastic on the top. The controls are tactile and seamlessly integrated into the design, and a few LEDs indicate the selected mode and the start of the sound bar’s operation. 

Regarding the bar’s dimensions, it measures 90 cm in length, 6.4 cm in height, and 8.8 cm in depth. The box measures approximately 39 cm in height, 38 cm in-depth, and 19 cm in thickness. Because of the S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, the Sony HTS350 soundbar can reproduce surround sound and is available in a 2.1 configuration with a wireless subwoofer.

Thanks to the wireless subwoofer, it has a total amplification power of 320 watts and can deliver surround sound. In addition to having an optical digital input, an HDMI ARC output, and a Bluetooth connection, the Sony HTS350 soundbar can play music from a smartphone, tablet, or computer and play audio from a compatible television like Samsung frame tv.

Several sounds presets are available to customize the sound of the Sony HTS350 soundbar to the program being watched. Among the numerous DSP modes are cinema mode, which enhances immersion in movies; game mode, which improves gaming performance, sport mode; which accurately reproduces the ambient noise of a crowd; music mode; which optimizes stereo listening; and news mode, which emphasizes dialogue.

6- Samsung HW-A450

Samsung HW-A450 Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • Deep bass
  • The total power of 300 W
  • Adaptive audio based on content
  • Connect your soundbar wirelessly with your Samsung TV via Bluetooth
  • Decoder: DOLBY DIGITAL, Dolby digital surround

According to our calculations, the Samsung HW-A450 is an entry-level model, but it is unquestionably the best value for money you can find in this price range right now. Its wireless subwoofer provides a convincing 2.1 surround sound experience that is also simple to connect because it is automatically recognized by the bar as soon as it is turned on. 

Once the optical cable has been connected to your television, everything is ready, and you can control the sound directly with the remote control that was included with the device. This piece of audio equipment has a total power of 300 watts and a bass signature that is extremely deep and pronounced. 

It’s great for listening to music or watching a good action movie, but it’s not suitable for all styles of music or watching the news on television at night, for example. To address this issue, Samsung developed an “Adaptive Sound Lite” mode, which automatically adjusts the sound to match the content being broadcast. There are three additional preset modes to choose from game, standard, and surround sound.

7- Yamaha SR-C20A

Yamaha SR-C20A Soundbar For Samsung Frame TV
  • Balanced sound reproduction, beautiful voice presence.
  • It is a very compact soundbar with a neat design.
  • Decoding: Dolby Audio
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 1x HDMI ARC, 2x optical, 1x analog mini-jack
  • Others: 3x surround modes, Clear Voice, Bass Extension, separate bass control, mobile app
  • Standby power consumption: 0.2W

The SR-C20A soundbar is the smallest in the Yamaha catalog, but it packs a punch thanks to its “small but powerful” design. This minimal model aspires to provide a straightforward and, above all, discrete solution for delivering a significantly superior sound experience than that offered by television or even a monitor. 

Aside from its small size, this “all-in-one” 2.0 soundbar has a relatively standard technical sheet, with the addition of surround virtualization, which the manufacturer claims will make the listening experience more immersive. Getting started with the SR-C20A is very basic.

The bar does not bother with multiple HDMI inputs since there is only one HDMI ARC port here. In addition to the Toslink optical digital inputs, there is also a mini-jack analog input. When it comes to wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 (with SBC and AAC codecs) is available.

Despite its small size, this little Yamaha can produce a pleasing soundstage compared to its small size, making it particularly well suited for action movies and video games. Its ability to render dialogue is also very useful for watching news broadcasts on television, and the DTS Virtual:X surround sound system does an excellent job of producing a surround effect.


The Best soundbar for Samsung frame TV models presented above in our comparison are high-quality devices that are compatible with your Samsung TV for a variety of reasons, each of which is unique. Although an entire home theatre system offers a more immersive audio experience, soundbars can still improve the quality of music and other types of audio. 

With the right soundbar, your listening experience in your own home can be significantly improved without the need for expensive home theatres or multiple speakers. After reading our in-depth guide, we hope you have found the best soundbar for the Samsung frame tv that meets your needs and preferences.

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