Best Soundbar For Playstation 4

Do you love gaming on your PlayStation 4 but find yourself struggling to hear the sound correctly? You may need a soundbar to help improve the audio quality. In this blog post, we will recommend the best soundbar for playstation 4.

There are a few things to take into account when purchasing a soundbar, depending on your needs. If you’re looking for something to boost the sound quality of your PlayStation 4, there are a couple different factors to consider. The size and type of the soundbar, as well as the features it offers, will all affect what’s the best option for you. 

Best Choice
Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast 107W 7.1-Channel Soundbar...
On Budget
TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with...
Overall Best
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350...
Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast 107W 7.1-Channel Soundbar...
TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with...
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350...
Best Choice
Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast 107W 7.1-Channel Soundbar...
Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast 107W 7.1-Channel Soundbar...
On Budget
TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with...
TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar with...
Overall Best
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350...
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350...

One of the best things about the PlayStation 4 is that it offers gamers an immersive experience, complete with great sound. If you’re looking for a soundbar to enhance your gaming experience, take a look at our top picks.

We’ve selected some of the best soundbar for playstation 4 gamers, based on performance and features. So whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or want a top-of-the-line model, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find the perfect soundbar for your PS4!

Top 7 Best Soundbar For Playstation 4

1- Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast Sound Bar

Yamaha YSP-2700 soundbar for playstation 4
  • 10 different surround programs for a virtual sound stage experience
  • 16 speakers powered by 16 amplifiers deliver lifelike sound 
  • Easy wall mount installation with an optional accessory bracket available
  • Wireless surround sound for when you want to move through the home
  • High Definition Audio Processing with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 
  • Features HDMI and optical inputs for compatibility with most streaming devices 
  • Stream your digital music library, Internet radio, streaming services, or external sources via the MusicCast app

Do you want the best gaming experience possible? Then get the Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast Sound Bar! This top-of-the-line model was designed specifically to enhance your PlayStation 4 gaming setup. Plus, it’s perfect for all your other entertainment needs too. With its sleek, ultra-slim design, it will look great next to your TV.

And with HDMI inputs with 4K Ultra HD pass-through, you know you’re getting the highest quality picture and sound available.  It also has a MusicCast wireless multiroom audio system, so you can access your music library, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and more. Plus, the versatile connectivity – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay and Spotify Connect – means you can use the soundbar with just about any device.

Plus, MusicCast provides access to Pandora®, Napster, TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify, SiriusXM Internet Radio and more. You can even add audio in up to 9 additional rooms with MusicCast! The YSP-2700 also features voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.

2- TCL Alto 7

TCL Alto 7 soundbar for playstation 4
  • High quality audio components deliver distortion-free sound
  • Crisp clarity with added tweeters for directional sounds
  • Unique way of arranging speakers for more benefits
  • Allows access to TV from remote regardless of speaker placement
  • Adjust sound quality for your TV’s listening preference
  • The convenience of HDMI connects to any TV or gaming system.
  • Unmatched sound from a single bar, without the hassle of complicated setup

If you’re looking for an incredible sound experience that will elevate your home theater viewing, be sure to check out the TCL Alto 7 2.0 Channel Home Theater Sound Bar. This top-of-the-line sound bar delivers clean and loud sound in a minimalistic design, and is specially tuned to deliver distortion-free sound at any volume.

It also features sound modes (music, movies, and news) optimized performance based on content, making it ideal for TVs 55 inches and above. Additionally, the TCL Alto 7 can be controlled using any TV remote when connected via HDMI ARC. Plus, an IR pass-through cable is included for unrestricted TV access from your TV remote.

The TCL Alto 7 2.0 channel home theater sound bar is the perfect addition to your playstation 4. It features deep bass ports for enhanced low-frequency sounds, and comes with all the necessary audio cables and a wall mounting kit for quick and easy setup.

Plus, with HDMI ARC, optical, Bluetooth, IR pass-through, USB, and AUX connectivity options, it’s compatible with practically any device. Finally, tweeters ensure clarity in dialogue and clearer reproduction of music. 

3- Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

Sony HT-S350 soundbar for playstation 4
  • S-Force Pro front Surround for cinematic audio experience
  • Built to last with wireless subwoofer and HDMI ARC
  • Surround sound is easy to set up with just one cable
  • Seven different sound modes to suit many moods and activities
  • Clear voice enhancement technology that makes voices easier to understand
  • Bring your music to life with 320W total power output
  • Hear every song’s detail because of Sony HT-S350’s Music mode

Introducing the Sony HT-S350. With its discreet design and superior sound quality, the Sony HT-S350 is the great soundbar for playstation 4. This state-of-the-art sound bar system is designed to give you the ultimate home theater experience.

With 320W of total power, and a powerful subwoofer, this system will bring your content to life with incredible volume and clarity. The S-Force Pro virtual surround sound technology emulates a theater-style surround sound experience, while the 7 sound modes let you choose the perfect audio mode for whatever you’re watching or listening to.

And thanks to the voice enhancement feature, isolating voices and amplifying them over background noise is easier than ever before. Wirelessly connect your device and send the sound from any place in the room. Connect to a single cable that transmits audio and control information for a clean, modern look.

With the slim design that offers an eye-catching display of lightshow, illumination can’t hide behind that furniture or wall anymore; it has to be seen! Hear movies like you’ve never heard them before with precision tuned by Sony’s Master Audio. Upgrade your home theater today with the Sony HT-S350! 

4- Polk Audio AM9640

Polk Audio AM9640 soundbar for playstation 4
  • Sound quality is ensured by Dolby and DTS
  • Voice Adjust technology for enhanced dialogue clarity 
  • Smart Hub allows you to control your entire home with just one remote
  • Customizable lights and wireless music streaming
  • Polk patented technology adjusts the audio to suit your hearing
  • Supports voice control with Amazon Alexa
  • Play music across multiple devices with the use of Amazon Multi Room Music

The Polk Audio Command sound bar dramatically improves playstation 4 gaming audio with Dolby and DTS surround sound. Stream tv, connect to Alexa for voice control of your smart home devices, music in multiple rooms or just ask. With 4K and HD compatibility, this sound bar is easy to set up and delivers a great viewing experience.

The included wireless subwoofer provides powerful bass that is perfect for movies, music and games. Plus, patented voice adjust technology allows you to customize the voice levels so you can hear every word clearly. Flexible setup options make it easy to find a place for this sound bar in any home.

You can mount it on your wall or use the built-in keyhole slots to tabletop it. Upgraded home theater audio is made possible by built-in support for Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn and more music services that are sure to come later! Automated updates ensure you have access to new features when they become available.

5- Samsung HW-N950 soundbar

Samsung HW-N950 soundbar for playstation 4
  • Control power/volume for TV and speakers with one remote control 
  • Incorporate upward and side-firing speakers for moving sound naturally around you 
  • Alexa can control your TV hands-free – just ask what you want to watch. 
  • You can use Amazon Assistant to play any song, podcast or audiobook you like.
  • Get entertainment on demand with Samsung SmartThings integration
  • Enjoy the highest quality audio available, 4K Pass-through
  • Enhance entertainment quality by upgrading music files up to 32-bit audio

Step up your home entertainment PSO 4 game with the Samsung HW-N950 soundbar. This top-of-the-line device features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based sound, ensuring that you’ll hear every sound effect and dialogue with incredible clarity.

What’s more, the HW-N950 comes with a rear wireless speaker kit to give you even more immersive audio. And if you have a Samsung TV, you can enjoy a completely seamless connection between the two devices. This incredible piece of technology delivers immersive sound that surrounds you from 17 speakers, including four that fire upward and two that fire from the side.

Plus, with Samsung’s innovative mastery in home entertainment solutions and Harmon Kardon’s audio technical expertise, you know you’re getting the best possible sound quality. Finally, the HW-N950 also works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to control all your music with just your voice.

6- Bose Soundbar 500

Bose 500 soundbar for playstation 4
  • The 8-microphone array offers superior voice pickup over other soundbars
  •  Enjoy music hands-free with Alexa or the Google assistant
  • Hear clear, crisp sound no matter how loud the background noise is
  • The design is incredibly discreet and sleek
  • Get one remote that can control all your speakers and home entertainment devices
  • You can now control your music from anywhere simply by downloading the free app.
  • Play your favorite songs simultaneously on multiple speakers throughout your home.

The Bose 500 soundbar was designed to be slim and powerful, with superior voice pickup from its eight microphone array. With built-in voice assistants like Alexa and the Google Assistant, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility, the Bose 500 lets you stream whatever you want however you want.

Enjoy integrated music services like Spotify or music and audible through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Control comes easy with three different ways to manage what you hear: voice, the included remote, or the Bose music app. This simple, app-driven setup features detailed prompts for easy installation.

With Dolby Digital and DTS audio formats supported, and HDMI video source compatibility, this soundbar is perfect for playstation 4 gaming. And with the optional Bose bass Module and Surround Speakers, you can feel the impact of thunderous bass and full on surround sound.

Plus, with SimpleSync technology, you can pair your Bose Soundbar 500 or 700 with Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 for a personal listening experience. Alexa is also available in English and Spanish to provide hands-free control of your soundbar.

7- JBL Bar 2.1 – Channel Soundbar

JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar for playstation 4
  • Wireless connectivity makes setup quick and easy
  • Full-featured with HDMI input + aux/usb wired connections 
  • Soundshift to instantly switch between TV sound or music wirelessly
  • Wireless 6.5” subwoofer for deep bass, perfect for movies or music
  • Dolby Digital and JBL Surround Sound for rich, high quality sound
  • Wirelessly control your audio outputs with one phone or tablet app
  • This device can be controlled with your TV remote, so you don’t need another remote

The JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar is the perfect way to improve your sound experience. With 300 watts of power, this bar delivers amazing sound quality that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The SoundShift feature also allows for seamless device switching, so you can easily move between watching TV and streaming movies without any disruption.

And don’t forget about that subwoofer – with its 6.5 inches of driver size, it provides rich and deep bass to really bring your music and movies to life. Plus, with Bluetooth technology, you can stream lossless audio without any cables or wiring hassle. This incredible piece of audio technology is designed to provide premium sound quality, regardless of where you are.

Whether you’re watching a movie under the stars or playing games with friends, the JBL Bar 2.1 is sure to impress. Plus, its sleek design makes it an easy addition to any setup. So why wait? Give your playstation 4 gaming setup the upgrade it deserves with the JBL Bar 2.


So finally, our detailed guide about the best soundbar for playstation 4 is over. We hope that you have chosen the right one according to your preferences.

You should not let anything get in the way of you and your perfect gaming or entertainment experience. A sound bar is an upgrade that will provide a whole new level of cinematic and immersive experience with rich, velvety sounds to wow your socks off. That too with minimal expenses and hassle.

Out of all the listed best soundbar for playstation 4, I think that Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast Sound Bar and JBL Bar 2.1 – Channel Soundbar are the best. Yamaha can offer Dolby Atmos in a small package, and overall, the audio quality is excellent. For an affordable price, the JBL PlayStation 4 soundbar comes with HDMI, Dolby Digital, as well as a wireless subwoofer.

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