Best Soundbar For LG NanoCell TV

LG’s nanocell TV is a great television that offers stunning visuals and colors. But what good is a great picture if the sound quality isn’t up to par? That’s where a soundbar comes in. A good soundbar can take your viewing experience to the next level. So, what is the best soundbar for LG nanocell TV? Keep reading to find out!

Soundbars are one of many ways to improve your home theater experience by adding better speakers and clearer dialogue to your viewing experience. However, if you have an LG Nanocell TV that has no built-in speakers then you will need a soundbar on top or below it in order to get the full effect from your home theater system.  

Best Choice
Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer,...
On Budget
Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio...
Overall Best
Majority Sound Bar for Smart TV, 50 Watts, 2.0...
Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer,...
Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio...
Majority Sound Bar for Smart TV, 50 Watts, 2.0...
Best Choice
Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer,...
Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer,...
On Budget
Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio...
Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio...
Overall Best
Majority Sound Bar for Smart TV, 50 Watts, 2.0...
Majority Sound Bar for Smart TV, 50 Watts, 2.0...

Choosing the right soundbar for your LG nanocell TV can be a tough decision. There are many factors to consider, including price, how it will look on your wall or entertainment unit, and what features are important to you. To make this process easier for you we have created an easy-to-read list of the top 7 best soundbar for LG nanocell TV! Hopefully this will help you find the perfect one for your needs!


1- Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar

Hisense HS214 2.1ch soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Connects wirelessly via bluetooth to listen to podcasts or audiobooks 
  • One remote can control both HDMI and Wireless capabilities
  • Detaches for portability yet is easy-to-place
  • Compact design with built-in subwoofer for big sound without a big sub
  • High-quality sound with digital processing and Dolby
  • Easy installation – no more messy wires or complicated setup
  • With its wireless Bluetooth capability, hear music the way it’s meant to be heard

If you’re looking to up your TV audio game, look no further than the Hisense H214 soundbar. With its built-in subwoofer and two front-facing speakers, this soundbar delivers excellent bass and clear high- and mid-range frequencies.

This sleek, all-in-one design offers great sound quality and easy connectivity, making it the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup. With HDMI (ARC) and Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily connect the HS214 to your LG nanocell TV and other smart devices for a superior audio experience.

The Hisense HS214 has everything you need in one simple, compact design. Quick touch EQ modes make it easy to get the best audio performance for whatever you’re watching, and accessories are included so you can mount it on the wall or use it as is.

Plus, it’s easy to place and connect to your television, making it the perfect addition to any LG nanocell TV. The elegant all-in-one design will fit seamlessly into any living room space. Plus, at a fraction of the price of other brands, this is one investment you won’t regret!

2- Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar

Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Enhanced audio tracking in real time with Adaptive Sound Lite.
  • Deep bass can be achieved with a simple button push on the wireless subwoofer
  • Perfect for watching sports or playing games since it has an optimized audio setting
  • Enjoy simplified set up to get your TV wirelessly connected
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and minimize distractions with crosstalk cancellation. 
  • Streamline TV viewing by using the same remote for both the TV and soundbar.

Experience superior sound quality with the Samsung HW-A450/ZA soundbar. This all-in-one bar includes a wireless subwoofer, so you can enjoy deep bass right out of the box. With Bass Boost and Adaptive Sound Lite technology, you can customize your audio to match your content.

And for easy setup, Bluetooth TV connection is included. The Samsung HW-A450/ZA is not your average soundbar for LG nanocell TV. You can streamline control of both your LG nanocell TV and this high-quality audio system with the use of one remote. Imagine enjoying games without distracting crosstalk.

The GAME MODE on this soundbar boosts directional audio, so you won’t miss a minute of action from sides or behind you. WIRELESS surround sound is something no speaker setup should be without – turn your soundbar into a complete surround sound system in just a few simple steps using optional rear speakers from Samsung

3- Majority Bowfell Small Sound Bar

Majority Bowfell Small soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Clear and deep sound with built-in subwoofer
  • Control your sound from a remote control at the touch of a button
  • Play audio all day on one charge without worrying about it running out of battery
  • Get peace of mind knowing that Majority is committed to becoming carbon neutral 
  • Five audio modes: Bluetooth, AUX, RCA, Optical and USB
  • Breakthrough sound technology for acoustic enhancement
  • 3 equalizer settings (Rock, Jazz or Flat) let you choose as needed

The Bowfell is the upgraded and portable alternative to your LG nanocell TV’s sound system; this sound bar is small and powerful. The Bowfell can connect to your phone, computer and most TVs using these connectivity options – no matter what system game console or TV set up you have!

The Bowfell Sound Bar has a slim and sleek design that will suit any empty space on your desk or table and packs a better sound than what you’re used to with one of those monstrosities.

Whether you’re looking for brilliant movie chat, or a nice conversation with friends about music, the Bowfell has it all: Bluetooth, USB input (make sure you order an optical cable separately), Optical input (optical cable not included), RCA inputs and an AUX port.

Don’t be fooled by its size – it packs a built-in subwoofer delivering outstanding cinematic sound! With dimensions of 38.8cm x5.4cm x7.2cm; 1.5kg you can make the most of every square inch of desktop space in your dorm room no matter how small!

4- Bestisan Sound Bar

Bestisan soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Quality construction and materials ensure a long-lasting product
  • Superior customer service in case anything goes wrong
  • Handy remote control allows you to switch the bass/treble levels as you please
  • No more tangled wires or loose connections
  • Fully compatible with Alexa enabled devices to fill your living space inconspicuously
  • Supports many different connection types, such as Bluetooth and USB
  • No need to adjust the bass or manage the volume

Bring your entertainment system to life with the Bestisan Soundbar, which features noise-free sound and boosted bass for an earth-shattering listening experience. This 40 inch speaker is perfect for maximizing your home theater performance by providing flawlessly clean audio quality to your LG nanocell TV.

Comes with four powerful full-range drivers to ensure every layer of audio is delivered without distortion or vibration. With this speaker’s dual high-sensitivity spherical silk film tweeter drivers, two built-in craftsmanship processed bass reflex tubes, and ability to boost power up to 100 Watt, you’ll love the big stereo sound that emanates from this sleek equipment at any volume level.

It integrates dialogue enhancement, movie optimization, and music mode to create an overall experience tailored for you. Respect your preferences with Bass and Treble adjustments as well as switching between the three different modes- Dialogue Enhancement, Movie Optimization, or Music Mode.

The Digital Signal Processing Technology provides a deep robust sound for your LG nanocell TV that’s perfect for movies or listening to the latest hits with minimal distortion so you don’t miss any bits of dialogue.

5- LG SN6Y Sound Bar

LG SN6Y soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • DTS Virtual:X to give an immersive surround sound experience
  • LIFESTYLE AUDIO to provide quality audio with deep bass
  • 24-bit/96kHz audio resolution for authentic audio reproduction
  • Best-in-class design with minimalistic, sleek form factor
  •  Respond to any environment with automatic sound control
  • LG’s adaptive sound control lets you hear every high and low like never before
  • High-quality listening is achieved using Bluetooth technology and HDMI ARC

The LG SN6Y Soundbar for LG nanocell TV is a great way to improve your home theater experience. With its 3.1-channel configuration and high-resolution audio, it provides an immersive surround sound experience. It also features DTS Virtual:X, which creates an even more realistic soundscape.

Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily stream music from your smartphone or other devices. And with its sleek black design, the LG SN6Y Soundbar will look great in any room. LG’s SN6Y has 3.1 channels and AI Sound Pro for enhanced sound quality of your LG nanocell TV.

You’ll hear every crash and explosion with incredible clarity, and the separate subwoofer ensures that the bass hits hard. Plus, it’s wall-mountable so you can save on space, and it’s compatible with a wireless speaker kit for even more power. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or streaming a new series, the SN6Y is sure to give you the immersive experience you desire.

6- Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar

Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Features a dedicated subwoofer for extended bass
  • Stream Netflix or Spotify without wires cluttering up your floor space
  • Connect to Bluetooth or AUX input for crystal-clear vocals and high quality music
  • HDMI-ARC and a dedicated center channel make TV speakers sound better
  • The built-in equalizer lets you adjust the sound profile according to your preferences
  • Loud enough for a crowded party, but does not provide immersive surround sound
  • Excellent sound quality thanks to the 3.1 setup and wide frequency response

Introducing the Klipsch Cinema 600 sound bar – the perfect partner for your LG Nanocell TV. This powerful 3.1 sound bar features 10 inches of wireless subwoofer, delivering deep, theater-like bass and crisp high-end definition.

With 600 watts peak power and 5.1 decoding, you can experience virtualized surround sound that will transport you right into the action. HDMI-ARC compatibility with a single cable and single remote control makes it easy to get started, while the sleek design adds style to any home entertainment setup.

It delivers incredibly immersive, crystal-clear audio with connectivity technology that supports 4K HDR and HDCP 2.2. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or streaming a live concert, the Cinema 600 will provide an immersive audio experience that is sure to please.

Plus, at just 30.8 pounds it’s easy to move from room to room, making it the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup. Upgrade your audio experience with the Klipsch Cinema 600 sound bar!

7- Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam soundbar for LG nanocell TV
  • Stream your favorite TV/Movies, Music, Podcasts and more with voice control
  • 25.6 inches of sleek design, perfect for the modern home
  • Add surround sound by pairing two Sonos Ones or a subwoofer to get incredible bass
  • Control Beam hands-free with Amazon Alexa
  • Listen to music, news, podcasts and more wirelessly with the Sonos app
  • Streams TV Shows clearly at 1080p resolution 

You need a soundbar. But you don’t want one of those big, clunky things that takes up all the space in your living room and blocks your LG nanocell TV screen. You need Beam. This smart, compact soundbar delivers high definition sound that fills the entire room – perfect for watching movies or listening to music.

With easy control using your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more, Beam is the perfect addition to any home entertainment system. Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback means you can even use Beam as a digital recorder for your favorite shows. Experience movies, TV shows, sports and games like never before with the all-new Sonos Beam.

This simple to set up and use soundbar features powerful audio with great surround sound, making it the perfect way to upgrade your home entertainment experience. At just 25.6 inches, Beam is small enough to fit almost anywhere, but don’t let its size fool you – this little powerhouse packs a punch!


After reading this blog post, we hope you feel more confident about your next best soundbar for LG nanocell TV purchase. We’ve provided a lot of information on the best models and brands to consider when shopping for TV audio systems.

The best soundbar for LG nanocell TV is the Hisense HS214 2.1ch Sound Bar. This sound bar has a sleek design that complements any room, and it also comes with two wireless subwoofers to provide an immersive home theater experience without taking up too much space in your living area. When you’re ready to invest in a quality speaker system for your TV set, this affordable option will blow you away!

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